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In one episode, Hank let his hair grow slightly due to being afraid of another haircut from Luanne.
"Catching up with Mike Judge, the mind behind "Beavis "Office Space".
One of Hank's most treasured hobbies is the care he takes over his lawn.
Working life edit Hank is a known workaholic who sells " propane and code promotionnel amazon chaussures propane accessories " as an assistant manager at the fictional Strickland Propane, a local propane dealership.
Just as Hank is about to beat him up, Dale redeems himself by saving Bobby from the fire ants, who attacked him for confining them.Political parties aside, he is very conservative and old-fashioned, being largely ignorant (and disdainful) of new trends; several episodes involve him reluctantly dealing with subjects outside of his comfort zone, such as yoga, boy bands, etc.His greatest attribute is his reliability.After referring to himself as a native Texan for forty years, he was sad to learn he was born in New York, but over time, accepted his heritage when he realized that many of the Alamo heroes were not from Texas, either.In the same episode, he also reveals that he goes for a haircut weekly, an example of how uptight he can.Hank says, "I'm going to sell propane and propane accessories.He even went into work when his hero Tom Landry died (though he thought it was Dusty Hill making it up).Another trait of Hank appears to be customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.Find Out More, hotel History.In gratitude, Hank stumbled off to a tattoo parlor and paid to have Bill's name inked onto his chest before passing out.Hank, who previously thought he was an only child, finds out he has a Japanese half brother named Junichiro in the episode "Returning Japanese".

He had the name removed out of disgust, but eventually had a jailhouse tattoo of it put on to show Bill that the two were still friends.
A recurring gag throughout the series is Hank's contempt for big cities and urban areas, once comparing a youth oriented shopping center to "Hell, or Dallas and, regarding San Antonio, asking "Why would anyone want to live there?" as he and Bobby watched a weather.
Bush, but had second thoughts about voting for him because of his weak handshake, and when asked if he would vote for "the other guy presumably Al Gore, he responded "I don't know." Hank is a registered Republican, but has respect for some old-school Democrats.Mercedes is Stephens first hard-boiled detective tale.Korean War veteran of 'Beavis and Butt-head.Hank also is a supporter of the Texas Longhorns. via HighBeam Research (subscription required) Thompson, Ethan (2009).It will transport you into a vibrant and dangerous world filled with gritty characters living on the bleeding edge of reason."Television: Hank Hill: Like other suburban Texans, he's a real character".Hank looks up to Buck, who calls Hank "Ol' Top" and keeps a somewhat idyllic picture of him, even though he recognizes his boss's many shortcomings (excessive gambling, alcoholism, womanizing, and a general lack of principles).It's still a great town." Later in the episode, he also says to his father Cotton, "Dad, there is no other place I'd rather be after Cotton said, "Hank, you work at a gas station; fuel this thing up and fly me back to Texas!". via HighBeam Research (subscription required) Moore, Frazier.

King of the Hill' Democrats?".