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View gallery - 3 images, tea is the world's most popular drink and for the last 5000 years was made by placing tea leaves in boiling water.The pressures of modern life too, often thwart the careful preparation of tea by such exacting methods, and the brewing of a pot of tea for multiple cups is often overkill in an increasingly single person and hence single cup world.T system is being trialled in France, where it will initially offer a selection of 25 tea varieties sourced from tea farms in China, Japan, Sri Lanka, India and South Africa.T as precisely as you can.

In the two decades since its launch, the pioneering Nespresso system has spawned many competitors and created a major and growing new segment to the coffee marketplace, with pod-style machines now available from half a dozen manufacturers and replacement pods available from many more.
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Today tea has become the worlds most widely consumed drink, largely due to being introduced to other countries by Chinas intrepid travelers, and primarily British sea traders.The benefits of tea were first documented by Chinese Emperor Shen Nung in 2737BC, the father of Chinese agriculture and it has been grown commercially in China since then - roughly 5000 years.Throwing tradition to the wind in every way, the EUR129 (US180) Special.Around The Home, mike Hanlon, november 9th, 2010 3 pictures, the full system, with the new machine in the background.If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the cookie policy.Dans le bon sens.Given the success of the coffee system, the development of a similar approach aimed at tea drinkers was a logical move for Nestle and the company has been working for three years to develop the system and marketing structure.Reset cup length to factory settings (350 ml).Die Reise kann beginnen.The first was not a Nestlé initiative the tea-bag was the first major change in the way that tea had been consumed and although invented a century ago, it propagated across the world in the post-WW2 period.

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In the United Kingdom, more than 19 of every 20 cups of tea are produced from tea-bags.
Though tea aficionados are quick to point out that most tea-bags contain inferior tea and the method results in an inferior product, the convenience factor of the tea-bag has seen it grow to market dominance.